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Contract & Interim Hiring 

Contract an expert for your highest-priority project needs with unmatched speed and quality. 

Get immediate results on high-priority hiring projects. 

Expertise on-demand. Leverage a vast consulting network designed to provide immediate solutions to the most critical managerial and business-related challenges. 

Contract Positions We Place:

  • Interim Executive: a stop-gap to take over when you need it most

  • Fractional Executive: you don't need to employ an executive full-time with a full salary; hire a part-time executive and receive fractional expertise for the amount of time you require. Get maximum value for a set amount of hours dedicated to you per week/month  

  • Skilled Consultant: when you need an experienced contractor to deliver on important project-based work. Key contract/consulting openings often include software development & engineering, legal, marketing, sales, change management, business analysis/project management, HR, & Talent Acquisition projects  


Industries & Functions We Cover: 

  • Industry coverage: Technology, SaaS & Computer Software, eCommerce, Web3, Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Finance/Fintech CPG, Manufacturing, Life Sciences / Medical, Cannabis, Consulting, Professional Services,  Non-Profit 

  • Functional coverage: Software Development, Finance, Compliance, Business Systems (ERP, CRM, HRIS), Biotechnology, Research, Digital Marketing, Creative, Sales Marketing, Sales, GTM, Customer Success, Revenue Operations, HR & People Operations

When & Why to Partner with Phenom: 

  • You have time or project-sensitive hiring needs that need immediate resolutions 

  • You understand that engaging a freelance professional can have an immediate positive impact. Getting this hire wrong will have a negative domino effect across the company through all the work that they do

  • You want to engage outside expertise to gain certainty in making such a key project hire 

  • You want access to the best candidates on the market 

  • Market specialization in a search partner is important to you 

  • Innovation, collaboration, and transparency in a search partner are important to you  

  • You want results that are guaranteed  

The Benefits You'll Gain: 

  • Time savings - we're thorough and do all the leg-work so you don't have to  

  • Cost savings through reduced agency spend and decreased turnover 

  • Actionable strategy insights - understand individual and team dynamics to better drive hiring and management strategy    

  • Scale faster by achieving a better quality of new hires and increased employee engagement 

  • Access to the best talent - hire confidently knowing we've vetted rigorously to bring you the best of the best 

  • Live market insights - we live and breathe sales & marketing excellence and can speak to market dynamics with authority 

  • Leverage job-specific and behavioral analytics to predict new hire success  

  • The multiplier effect. Getting this hire right will have a positive ripple effect across your entire organization. 

How We Deliver: 

  • Using a one-of-a-kind service platform that blends agile processes, powerful assessments & data insights, and proven search expertise   

  • Leverage Job, Behavioral, and Cognitive Assessments to hire with pinpoint accuracy   

  • Search assignment is managed by specialized Recruiting experts with a track record of success

  • Market specialization in a search partner is important to you 

  • Innovation in a search partner is important to you  

  • You want results that are guaranteed  


Learn how we can bring on-demand experts

to your organization. 


Talk to one of our experts today.

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