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Engineering & Development 

Learn more about the industries we serve and the type of positions we help companies fill.  

Our Engineering and Emerging Tech searches focus on helping companies build cutting-edge technology teams.  We specialize in building networks around the most in-demand software, tools, and tech shaping and re-shaping the industry. 

Engineering & Development 

  • Full Stack, Front-end, Back-end,  Mobile, Software Development 

  • C/C++, Rust, Python, Java, Node, Golang, Angular, React, etc. 

  • DevOps, Site Reliability, AWS, Big Data / Systems Engineering 


Emerging Technology  

  • Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics

  • Embedded & Distributed Systems, Filesystems

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, NLP, Neural Networks

  • Blockchain Development, DApp, Protocol, DEX, Smart Contracts

Common Positions Serviced: 

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, VP Technology, Director of Technology, Engineering Director, and other tech-focused executive, director, and management-level positions.  

Software Engineer, Full-Stack Developer, C++ Developer, LAMP Developer, LAMP Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer, Node.js Developer, ASP Developer, JAVA/J2EE Developer, PHP Developer, JAVA Developer, .NET Developer, JavaScript Developer, Software Developer, Application Architect, Tableau Engineer, Android / iOS Developer, Angular / AngularJS Developer, Magento Developer, PHP Developer, Python Engineer, UI & Web Developer

eCommerce Developer, eComm Marketing Consultant, Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer, UX/UI Designer, Digital Marketing Manager, Demandware Developer, Salesforce Developer, Magento Developer, SQL Server DBA, WooCommerce Developer, WordPress Developer

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Warehouse Engineer, Data Modeler, Data Virtualization Engineer, Chief Data Officer, Big Data Analyst, Research Scientist

DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Build and Release Engineer, AWS Developer, Azure Developer, DevOps Consultant, Site Reliability Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer, AI Scientist, Deep Learning Developer, Algorithms Engineer, Natural Language Processing Developer, Research Engineer, Blockchain Engineer, Blockchain Architect



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