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Recruiting & Talent Leadership Placement 

Game-changers, superstars, innovators, market makers, visionaries. Great talent leaders are described in many ways, but exceptional recruiting leadership talent is in short supply. Phenom Consulting is the trusted search partner organizations turn to when looking to gain a competitive edge in recruitment leadership hiring. 

Infuse your recruiting function with new leadership assets. 

We embrace assessing our clients' high-level talent acquisition and talent strategy obstacles. We thrive in gaining a thorough understanding of these challenges, and then identifying, courting, and ultimately persuading exceptional people to answer that call. 

Positions We Place:

  • Head/Director/VP of Talent Acquisition, Chief People Officer, Director of Recruiting 

  • Talent Acquisition Manager, Recruiting Lead

  • Director of Recruitment Marketing, Director of People Operations, Head of Sourcing

  • Employer Branding Director, Talent Strategy Director 

  • Related Talent-centric leadership positions   


When & Why to Partner with Phenom: 

  • You’ve identified a need to hire a new talent leader in your company

  • Someone (or several people) left or rapid company growth/transformation created a fresh need for talent leadership 

  • You understand that a Talent Acquisition leadership hire has company-wide implications. Getting this hire wrong will have a negative domino effect across the company 

  • You want to engage outside expertise to gain certainty in making such a key hire 

  • You want access to the best candidates on the market 

  • Market specialization in a search partner is important to you 

  • Innovation in a search partner is important to you  

  • You want results that are guaranteed  

The Benefits You'll Gain: 

  • Time savings - we're thorough and do all the leg-work so you don't have to  

  • Cost savings through reduced agency spend and decreased turnover 

  • Actionable strategy insights - understand individual and team dynamics to better drive hiring and management strategy    

  • Scale faster by achieving a better quality of new hires and increased employee engagement 

  • Access to the best talent - hire confidently knowing we've vetted rigorously to bring you the best of the best 

  • Live market insights - we live and breathe talent acquisition excellence and can speak to market dynamics with authority. We know the market because we are the market. 

  • Leverage job-specific and behavioral analytics to predict new hire success  

  • The multiplier effect. Getting this hire right will have a positive ripple effect across your entire organization. 


How We Deliver: 

  • Using a one-of-a-kind service platform that blends strategy consulting, powerful assessments, and search expertise

  • Gain insights from a high-impact Talent Strategy Session delivered by a Certified Talent Optimization Consultant   

  • Leverage Job, Behavioral, and Cognitive Assessments to hire with pinpoint accuracy   

  • Search assignment is managed by Talent Acquisition Search experts with 7+ years of industry experience


Learn how we can bring exceptional

talent leadership to your organization. 


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