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Managed Recruiting

Outsourced recruiting solutions for volume hiring

Get immediate results on high-priority recruiting projects. 

Our turnkey recruiting experts are deployed to service startup, transformative, and rapid-growth hiring environments. 

How Managed Recruiting Works:

  • No hidden costs. No bulk placement fees. Pay a flat monthly fee based on the number of hires and recruiting resources needed.

  • Another term for this is embedded recruiting. Our recruiters are absorbed into your company, embody your culture, and are the truest extension of a talent partner that can authentically represent your brand in the candidate marketplace. 

  • Our talent strategy team helps you map out your hiring objectives, define the number of positions you need to be filled, and creates are measurable game plan to efficiently meet those goals


​When to Use This: 

  • When you need high-volume hiring in a short amount of time 

  • When you don’t yet have an internal talent acquisition function

  • When you want to outsource all of your talent acquisition full-stop

  • You want to engage outside expertise to gain certainty in key hiring projects

  • You want results that are guaranteed  

The Benefits You'll Gain: 

  • Time savings - we're thorough and do all the leg-work so you don't have to  

  • Cost savings through reduced agency spend and decreased turnover 

  • Scale faster by achieving a better quality of new hires and increased employee engagement 

  • Access to the best talent - hire confidently knowing we've vetted rigorously to bring you the best of the best to recruit for your organization 

  • Actionable strategy insights - understand individual and team dynamics to better drive hiring and management strategy    

  • The multiplier effect. Getting this hire right will have a positive ripple effect across your entire organization. 

How We Deliver: 

  • Using a one-of-a-kind service platform that blends strategy consulting, powerful assessments, and search expertise

  • Gain insights from a high-impact Talent Strategy Session delivered by a Certified Talent Optimization Consultant   

  • Leverage Job, Behavioral, and Cognitive Assessments to hire with pinpoint accuracy   

  • Search assignment is managed by Talent Acquisition Search experts with 7+ years of industry experi


Learn how we can bring on-demand experts to your organization. 


Talk to one of our experts today.

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