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Build teams that drive results. 

Managers, meet your favorite solution to build and inspire high-performing employees and teams.


Build relationships that thrive.

  • Solve people issues in a flash. Discover how any two people work together and get instant recommendations.

  • Become a better leader by building your emotional intelligence and facilitating more effective conversation.

  • Instill confidence in your team that you’re listening and acting upon their feedback.


Become a better manager.

  • Understand yourself. Learn how your behavioral drives manifest as a people manager.

  • Improve your management style by exploring your natural strengths and caution areas.

  • Develop new leadership skills through actionable self-coaching tips.

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Unleash the potential of your managers and teams.

Champion change with powerful software and 60 years of science as your guide.




Grow as a leader


Bring your best self to work every day with actionable self-coaching tips based on your behavioral style.




Motivate your team


Get behavioral coaching questions automatically—so everyone on your team performs at their best.




Free up your schedule


Access deep insights with one-click so you can make the most of your 1:1 meetings without preparation.


Ranked 2020 Leader from G2 Crowd.

“Incredible insights to build an understanding of you and your team.” 

“Essential tool for developing workplace relationships.”

“Applicable insights for better functioning teams.”

“A must have for any growth minded organization. PI is by far the most critical tool”

9,000+ companies trust The Predictive Index to create dream teams. Phenom Consulting Group is the PI Certified Partner of choice for transforming organizational talent.  

Discover how to optimize your talent today. 

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