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Experienced Recruiter Placement  

Hire high-impact individual contributors, unicorn hunters, revenue generators, and niche recruitment specialists with laser precision. 

Land top performers and specialist recruitment professionals that drive hiring results. 

Finding specialists and top-producing recruiters can be difficult as hiring an elite engineer. And the numbers don’t lie - not every company can have top 2% performers driving recruitment efforts in their organizations. In fact, most companies end up overpaying mediocre talent, only to get poor results, far too many mis-hires, and a high churn rate across the board in return.


We’re here to fix that. 

Positions We Place:

  • Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Specialist 

  • Technical Recruiter, Healthcare Recruiter, High-Volume Recruiter

  • Campus Recruiter, Diversity Recruiter, Generalist Recruiter, Senior Sourcer

  • Recruiting Operations Specialist, Recruitment Coordinator, Recruitment Marketing Specialist 


When & Why to Partner with Phenom: 

  • Someone (or several people) left or rapid company growth/transformation created a fresh need for recruiting talent

  • You understand that an experienced recruiting hire has a company-wide impact. Getting this hire wrong will have a negative domino effect across the company through all the work that they do  

  • You want to engage outside expertise to gain certainty in making such a key hire 

  • You want access to the best candidates on the market 

  • Market specialization in a search partner is important to you 

  • Innovation in a search partner is important to you  

  • You want results that are guaranteed  

The Benefits You'll Gain: 

  • Time savings - we're thorough and do all the leg-work so you don't have to  

  • Cost savings through reduced agency spend and decreased turnover 

  • Actionable strategy insights - understand individual and team dynamics to better drive hiring and management strategy    

  • Scale faster by achieving a better quality of new hires and increased employee engagement 

  • Access to the best talent - hire confidently knowing we've vetted rigorously to bring you the best of the best 

  • Live market insights - we live and breathe talent acquisition excellence and can speak to market dynamics with authority. We know the market because we are the market. 

  • Leverage job-specific and behavioral analytics to predict new hire success  

  • The multiplier effect. Getting this hire right will have a positive ripple effect across your entire organization. 

How We Deliver: 

  • Using a one-of-a-kind service platform that blends strategy consulting, powerful assessments, and search expertise

  • Gain insights from a high-impact Talent Strategy Session delivered by a Certified Talent Optimization Consultant   

  • Leverage Job, Behavioral, and Cognitive Assessments to hire with pinpoint accuracy   

  • Search assignment is managed by Talent Acquisition Search experts with 7+ years of industry experience


Learn how we can bring experienced

recruiters to your organization. 


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