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Strategic Search 

Hire high-impact individual contributors, revenue generators, and niche specialists with laser precision. 

Land top performers and specialist talent that drive business results. 

Finding a specialist and top-performing talent can be as difficult as hiring a new executive. The numbers don’t lie / the math is simple - not every company can have top 5% performers in their most critical individual contributor positions. In fact, most companies end up overpaying mediocre talent, only to get poor results, low company morale, and a high churn rate in return. We’re here to fix that. 

Positions We Place:

  • High demand, non-management roles  

  • Niche & specialist talent skillsets 

  • Key individual contributor positions - sales, technology, marketing 

​Industries & Functions We Cover: (read more

  • Industry coverage: Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Life Sciences / Medical, Professional Services, Computer Software & Technology, Entertainment, SaaS, Consulting, Finance, Cannabis, Education, Non-Profit

  • Functional coverage: HR & People Operations, Research, Biotechnology, Engineering, Software Development, Finance, Compliance, Business Systems (ERP, CRM, HRIS), Digital Marketing, Creative, Sales  


When & Why to Use Us: 

  • When internal talent acquisition doesn’t have the bandwidth or network to secure specialized talent

  • Outside perspective

  • Network reach

​Benefits You Gain: 

  • Partner with experienced management consultants with an average of 10 years experience and who are experts in executive search

  • Outside perspective with industry and job function knowledge 

  • Specialist Network reach 

  • Save time 

  • Access to Job, Behavioral, and Cognitive Assessments   

  • Talent analytics 

  • Detailed Search Insight Reports 

  • Capability to leverage our service to make multiple hires and/or build out entire teams at a substantial fee discount

  • 10x value ROI 

Process We Use: 

  • Proprietary Strategic Phenom Search Framework, 6 stage process 

  • Assigned engagement manager 

  • Led by expert search consultants with an average of 10+ years of experience 

  • Gather accurate people data to gain actionable insights to make an informed hiring decision


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